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Flooring  /  February 3, 2022

Best Flooring Options for Homes With Pets

Your little fur babies are already considered a member of your family. You would love them with all of your heart even if they destroy some of your belongings, and that includes your flooring. They could turn it into their own spots to do their business or even their scratching post. Rather than staying frustrated and allowing your beloved pets to destroy your flooring, here, we recommend some of the best flooring options for you and your pets to save you from headaches!

Flooring For Homes With Pets

Ceramic Tiles

Both traditional ceramic and porcelain tiles are great options for homeowners with pets since these materials are inherently durable, and they can withstand sharp scratches from both dogs and cats. If you use glazed ceramics, the material won’t even be stained or be affected by liquid penetration. This also increases your home’s appearance since the glaze can be printed by the manufacturer to create different design patterns. Grout linings can be damaged from time to time, but this can be simply fixed by grout resealing.

Natural Stone

Similar to ceramic tile, natural stone is touted to be a very durable material, which is why slate flooring is a popular choice for pet owners. In fact, it’s more appealing to some over ceramics. Keep in mind that natural stone has to be treated with a chemical sealing agent to prevent water penetration and stains. When done correctly, it will be a great flooring material for pet owners.


Cork is a new type of flooring that pet owners can use. It’s akin to that of hardwood, except that it’s resistant to scratches and stains. It’s also known for resisting bacteria and mold growth. Make sure that you still keep your furry loved ones’ nails trimmed regularly. Cork is still a better choice for homeowners compared to hardwood, especially if you have energetic pets.

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