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Electrical  /  December 21, 2021

True or False: Ceiling Fans Save More Energy

Many people would tell you that running your ceiling fans will keep your home cool and your energy bills lower. But is it actually as simple as that? Do ceiling fans actually help you save more energy in the long run? 

Ceiling Fans

It’s Both True and False

Ceiling fans consume less energy compared to your air conditioning system, that’s true. But whether or not they allow you to save more money is a bit more complicated. You’ll need to take a few things into account to get a clearer picture of how the use of ceiling fans can affect your home’s energy efficiency. For instance:

  • Ceiling fans cool people instead of rooms. They achieve this through the wind chill effect, where the movement of air keeps your body cool by assisting its natural cooling process through evaporation. By this fact, ceiling fans only ever save energy when they’re being run inside a room where there’s people. Since they’re not actually cooling the space, leaving them running in an empty room isn’t considered energy-efficient.

  • Ceiling fans are not a replacement for air conditioning. This is especially true in regions with a predominantly hot climate. However, you can use ceiling fans in conjunction with your AC to better cool your home when necessary and even save a fair amount of energy. Run the ceiling fans as usual, but turn the temperature up by five degrees on the thermostat. Because the temperature is slightly higher, your air conditioning runs less. This allows you to save energy without sacrificing your comfort levels.

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