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Home Improvement  /  November 17, 2021

4 Safety Items Every Homeowner Should Have

Accidents can happen when you least expect it. However, a little bit of preparation can help avert such accidents and keep your family safe. Here are some of the safety items every homeowner should have.

Safety Items

1. Fire extinguisher: Every home needs at least one fire extinguisher in the kitchen, where the risk of house fires is high. However, there should be additional fire extinguishers in other areas of the house where house fires have been known to start. One should be in the hallway where the bedroom doors are, another in the living room and another near the electrical panel. Make sure that everyone in the house knows where the fire extinguishers are, and replace them when they expire.

2. Smoke detectors: For many people, the only time they hear their smoke detectors beeping is when the batteries run out. It may sound like an annoyance, but smoke detectors can save lives, and it’s best to have a smoke detector in every room in the house. Having carbon monoxide detectors is also ideal. Installing new detectors or replacing their batteries can be a chore, but you can always hire a local handyman to do it for you.

3. First aid kit: A first aid kit is just as essential as a fire extinguisher, and it helps to have at least one where it’s easily accessible. Pre-stocked first aid kits are readily available, but you can make your own – in addition to essentials like bandages, adhesives and antibiotic ointment, you can include sterilized needles and surgical thread for stitching wounds. Having a first aid kit in a readily accessible place eliminates having to scramble around looking for gauze or disinfectant.

4. Covers for electrical outlets: If you have kids at home, you need to make sure that they can move around unsupervised without the risk of electrical shock. Outlet covers come in many forms, from plastic ones that you plug into the outlets themselves, to specially-designed panels with child-proof covers. If you’re opting for the latter, but you’re uncomfortable handling anything electrical, an experienced electrical handyman can install them for you.

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