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Home Improvement  /  September 2, 2021

The Common Drywall Installation Errors

Installing drywall is considered a simple project. This is the reason why many homeowners resort to DIYing it. Unfortunately, this approach may result in many issues. In this post, we’ll discuss the usual drywall installation mistakes people tend to make. 

  1. Thinking that all drywall is the same: Like any household feature, your drywall comes in many different types. These provide unique features, such as resistance to moisture and mold growth. However, many DIYers think that all of it is the same. Oftentimes, they choose the cheapest one without going over certain specifications. If you are shopping for drywall for your installation project, make certain you consult an expert or research prior to purchasing.

  2. Failing to avoid hanging joints: In an ideal situation, the joints between drywall panels are going to fall over the framing members. However, this isn’t always the case. If a seam between panels falls over the air, it is called a hanging joint, which is prone to failure. Keep in mind that adding tape won’t fix it.

  3. Excessively sanding: Some DIYers are too zealous when it comes to sanding the dried mud compound and joints. Remember that over-sanding risks sanding into the fiberglass or paper tape that covers the seams, or even into the surface of the surrounding drywall. This compromises the integrity of the drywall installation.

  4. Drywall joints are too tight: This practice is also a common mistake for most DIYers. It’s important to note that tightened drywall joints trigger breaking the drywall in unexpected ways as it will prevent the expansion and contraction of the framing members. This results in cracking the drywall joints that are too tight. Unfortunately, there’s no retroactive fix for this issue, but you can prevent it by using a guide that can direct you in tightening your joints properly.

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