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Home Improvement  /  August 11, 2021

Spicing Up Your Basic White Subway Tile: A Guide

White subway tiles may immediately seem dull to some, but in reality, it’s considered the ultimate must-have in the design industry. Perhaps, homeowners just need to achieve the right accessories to improve the area’s aesthetics. If you have thought of making renovations, here are tips you can take note of when using this specific style for your bathroom or kitchen space.

  1. Make use of trim pieces. People are expected to use subway tiles in their bathrooms and nothing else. Should you want your tile job to look finished, experts recommend that you use trim pieces on the tile. This enables homeowners to have a completed look whilst having a modern aesthetic to go along with it.
  1. Try setting it against wood.  Incorporating your white subway tile with warmer touches is a great idea for both kitchen and bathroom areas. This gives off a vintage vibe to space, most especially if you consider adding cabinets and rugs that are earth tones.
  1. Arrange your own pattern. Remember that there is no rule book for uniformity. Alternatively, you can consider having your bathroom remodeling contractors use different patterns when installing white subway tiles on your bathroom. This way, you can make a large impact even if you’re using basic tiles.
  1. Consider textured tiles – On the other hand, you can also consider picking textured tiles for your bathroom instead of the smoother tiles. By doing so, you can add a ton of depth and variety to your bathroom walls, and make them feel timeless and updated at the same time.

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