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Plumbing  /  July 15, 2021

Using Bath Bombs Properly to Prevent Clogging

You might often use bath bombs to enhance your relaxation and heighten your bath experience. They’re highly popular among homeowners around the country because of what they can bring to your bathtub. However, the sweet scents and soothing essential oils, along with other decorative ingredients and particles, can become harmful to your bathroom’s plumbing if they’re not used properly. 

How Can Bath Bombs Affect Your Plumbing?

Most types of bath bombs are filled with oils and perfumes that stay in solid form at room temperature. While they do dissolve in hot bathwater, once they’re down the drain and reach cooler temperatures, they can still solidify again and slowly clog your plumbing over time. Sometimes, the partially dissolved chunks from the bath bombs can also cause problems to your plumbing. These can get stuck in your plumbing and catch smaller debris over time and clog your drains.

How You Can Protect Your Plumbing

Some bath bombs are made with small components that won’t dissolve in water like flower petals, glitter and confetti. To prevent them from clogging your drains, you can make a DIY bath bomb holder out of a pair of nylon stockings. Just chuck in your bath bomb in the stocking and close the top with a hair tie or rubber band before using it in your bathtub. The nylon holder acts as a “catcher” that prevents pieces of the bath bomb from falling into the drain!

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