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Home Improvement  /  June 24, 2021

Common Flat Screen TV Mounting Mistakes to Avoid

Mounting a new flat screen TV needs some planning. It’s not like furniture that you can just move to a different spot if the first one isn’t working. You should avoid these common TV installation mistakes.

Mounting the TV at an Uncomfortable Angle

You need to be careful about placing the TV too high or too low. Placing it more than six feet above ground level can result in stiff necks and shoulders. Ideally, your TV should be mounted at a level that doesn’t require you to crane your head. The rule of thumb is you should install your TV at eye level, but this can vary depending on how you use the room and the TV itself. A family TV would typically be viewed sitting from the couch while a TV in the kitchen would be typically standing up or on a dining chair.

Not Pre-Measuring Cable Length

Your TV will need to be connected to a power source and other devices like speakers, a Blu-ray disc player and, perhaps, one or two media boxes. You will want to pre-measure the cables that came with your TV and make sure that they can reach your TV with enough slack. You don’t want the cables too taut as they could damage your TV’s connector port. Most of today’s TV connectors utilize High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and other standard connectors, which can be ordered online if your ideal spot is beyond the reach of your TV’s packaged cables.

Failing to Secure the Wall Bracket Safely

Before you choose a spot on the wall, you have to know what kind of wall it is, what’s behind it and where the studs are. Not all studs can be used for installing heavy appliances like large TVs while others will require the proper type of drywall anchors. If you’re unsure whether or not your drywall is suitable for TV mounting, it’s best to hire a local handyman to perform the installation.

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