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Home Improvement  /  June 8, 2021

4 Home Security Mistakes That Are Putting You at Risk

It never hurts to beef up your home security. While most kinds of break-ins are opportunistic, some are planned. Burglars are known for casing areas and taking note of things like potential entry points, the habits of its occupants and weaknesses in its home security. Here are common home security mistakes that are putting your home at risk.

1. Hiding a spare key outside – Hiding a spare key is a common mistake. All it takes to find a cleverly hidden key is a few minutes of uninterrupted searching. Hiding it near the back door even places a greater risk on home security because whoever is searching for the key is concealed from the curb. Some people occasionally hide spare keys for use by friends or family who may be coming over, but it would be better if you equip your entry doors with smart locks. It lets you unlock your entry door remotely, enable a guest security PIN and monitor whoever’s at the door through cameras.

2. Setting up your security devices in the wrong spots – Placement is an important part of effective use of security cameras and motion sensors. In addition to cameras at the usual points of entry – front door, back door and garage – you should also have them in key places on your home’s exterior perimeter, particularly where your property can be accessed covertly. You also have to place your security devices where they can’t be disabled.

3. Not investing in high-resolution cameras – High-resolution security footage can capture critical identifying details, such as facial features and license plates. Invest in security cameras that can take at least 1080 pixel (p) resolution video or even 4k if your budget, data storage and internet bandwidth allows it.

4. Throwing packaging straight to the trash – One way for burglars to identify their next victims is to root through their trash. Leaving boxes of your new home entertainment system or all-in-one desktop computer in the trash is almost the same as announcing them to the neighbors. Most of today’s manufacturers use recyclable packaging for their products, so it only makes sense to take them to a local recycling center. Alternatively, consider keeping them: some manufacturers require the original packaging for item returns.

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