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Aging in Place  /  May 31, 2021

2 Home Maintenance Tips For Seniors

Home maintenance is often thought to be a labor-intensive task that requires a lot of dexterity or strength. While that can hold true at times, this isn’t the case every time since there are ways to simplify this process so that even seniors can do it regularly. 

Freshen the Air

Indoor air quality is something many homeowners take for granted. However, this is even more important nowadays when we’re mostly doing indoor activities. In fact, poor indoor air quality can cause discomfort or difficulty in breathing, especially when the summer season approaches. One simple way you can regulate indoor air temperatures is to get a humidifier for your master bedroom which can help reduce respiratory problems like allergies and asthma. This also helps clear your sinuses and reduce snoring. It’s also worth investing in dehumidifiers to reduce mildew and mold growth around your home.

Clear Your Path

The older a person gets, the chance of falls increases. As such, it’s important to have clear and smooth flooring. This is why it’s important to have your floors repaired by your local handyman as soon as possible since issues like these or even wrinkled rugs can serve as tripping hazards. Make sure that you eliminate these hazards by clearing your path from cords or clutter on the floor. It’s also helpful to purchase an inexpensive non-slip rug to put underneath doorways or hallways, or near the sinks. 

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