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Home Improvement  /  April 15, 2021

6 Common Things You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

Many people don’t think twice about flushing things down the toilet. Unfortunately, many of these things are not meant to be flushed down and could cause a huge plumbing repair bill if they are. 

person holding roll of toilet paper bathroom

1. “Flushable” wipes and paper towels – Despite the name, flushable wipes and paper towels break down much more slowly than toilet paper, which increases the risks of them getting stuck in drains and causing clogs. Dispose of them as you would toilet paper: into a lined and covered trash can in the bathroom.

2. Cotton products – This includes cotton swabs, balls, pads and basically anything that contains cotton. Cotton fibers are more durable than paper, which means they pose even greater risk of clumping together, catching other materials and clogging the pipes.

3. Feminine products – Tampons, sanitary pads and similar products are made of material that’s designed to absorb liquid. If flushed down the toilet, these products can expand up to several times more than their original size.

4. Hair – Whether you’re disposing of hair from the shower drain or after trimming or shaving, don’t flush it down the toilet. Hair tends to stick to the inside surface of pipes, which leads to clogs over time.

5. Medicines and hazardous materials – Expired medication and hazardous materials, such as cleaning products, may be water soluble, but it doesn’t mean it’s okay to flush them. Certain compounds may wear down the inner lining of plumbing pipes, resulting in the kind of damage that will require major plumbing repair.

6. Fats, oils and grease – Avoid flushing down fats, oils or grease. They can collect on the inside lining of the pipes and solidify. In extreme cases, this has resulted in the formation of “fatbergs”: large masses of solidified waste matter that has been known to clog sewer mains.

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