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Countertops  /  March 15, 2021

Removing Hard Water Stains on Granite Countertops

Granite countertops remains a favorite among many homeowners – and this hype is not exactly unearned. Considered a premium option, granite is beautiful, tough and impervious to wear and tear. There’s just one issue: countertops made of this particular material can be susceptible to hard water stains. But the good news is that these are simple enough to remove.

granite countertop with sink
  1. Clean your granite countertops daily. Simple water stains can make the granite either darker or lighter in areas that have been frequently exposed to moisture. Hard water stains are a bit different. When they dry, they leave a visible mineral deposit that often creates white rings on the material. To remove them, use a specially formulated cleaning product for granite countertops, and scrub with a non-abrasive brush. Then, rinse them off, and dry with a soft cloth. Do this daily to keep your countertops stain-free.
  1. Deal with spills immediately. To prevent stains, make sure to clean up any spill as soon as they occur. This way, the liquid has no chance to be absorbed by the countertop material. This is especially crucial with acidic liquids, such as wine, orange or lemon juice, soda and even household soap. When not dealt with quickly, they can break down the sealant and stain the surface of your granite countertops.
  1. Scrub off stubborn stains. To get rid of slightly more stubborn stains, make a paste using baking soda and water or talc with a diluted solution of ammonia, bleach or hydrogen peroxide, and gently scrub with a soft brush. Rinse thoroughly after. You should note, however, that it may take several applications to completely remove the stain.
  1. Scrape away water rings around faucets. For those persistent white rings resulting from hard water exposure, scrub them softly with a Brillo® pad, or scrape them off with a razor blade. Any residue should be wiped away with a soft, damp cloth.

Keep your granite countertops in pristine condition by turning to Handyman Connection® of Mason for more professional solutions to hard water stains. We serve the areas in and around Mason, Blue Ash and King Mills, OH. Call us today at (513) 733-3777, or fill out this contact form to schedule a consultation.

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