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Home Improvement  /  December 29, 2020

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes During Winter

As the winter season approaches, you need to make sure your pipes are protected from freezing. Burst pipes are one of the most common problems homeowners face during winter. 

Drain Outdoor Pipes

Water in the pipes can freeze and burst as it expands, which is why it’s important to drain your outdoor pipes in preparation for winter. The following are the steps for draining the outdoor pipes in a standard home plumbing system:

1. Close the Inside Valve 
Find the closest inside valve that feeds the outdoor pipes. Turn the lever a quarter-turn to fully close it. If it doesn’t turn, do not force it; you might trigger a flood. Instead, contact a plumber.

2. Drain the Inside Valve 
Locate the drain plug (a small thumb screw located beside the lever), place a small bucket under it, and unscrew it. Let the water in the valve drain into the bucket.

3. Disconnect the Garden Hose 
Go outside, and disconnect the garden hose from the faucet.

4. Release Trapped Water 
Open the outside valve, release the water in the pipes, and then close the valve.

5.Put Back the Drain Plug 
Go back inside, and put back the drain plug. Leave the lever in the same position for the rest of the season.

Upgrade Plumbing Insulation

If you’ve had problems with frozen indoor pipes from past winters, you should look into improving insulation around the pipes, particularly the ones that run along exterior walls as well as the outdoor supply lines. Insulated plumbing also has other benefits like improving water heater efficiency and reducing damage to the pipes caused by thermal shock.

Open Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets Open Overnight

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets usually have pipes running behind the drywall. Opening them at night lets room heating keep your pipes above freezing temperatures. It may consume a small bit of the house heating, but considering the hassle and cost of repairing frozen pipes, it may be well worth it.

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