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Electrical  /  November 13, 2020

Common Electrical Emergencies and How to Prevent Them

It’s often taken for granted how much we use electricity in our daily lives. We also don’t need to understand it too much as we already rely on expert electricians and contractors to get us set up with electricity in our homes and have them safely repair any problems and issues should they ever arise.

Electrical Emergencies

However, electrical emergencies can still happen at home when you least expect it. It’s better to prevent them now than to regret things later, so here’s how:

Install GFCIs

Make sure that Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) are installed in your home. This can only be done by a certified electrician, so don’t consider doing this by yourself. This is especially important for rooms, such as the bathroom, kitchen and outdoor areas. When properly installed, GFCIs will prevent any instance of water and electricity accidentally meeting each other.

Don’t Overload 

All the outlets on one wall of your home will likely be drawing power from the same source. Plugging in and turning on too many items into one wall or one outlet will draw out too much power and blow a fuse. When this happens, the room or even your whole home will get cut off from power. 

If you DIY the fuse replacement, you may end up doing more damage to the power of the house. It’s better to properly distribute your power first. Then, if a fuse does get blown, hire a locally trusted electrician to address the issue.

Maintain Your Appliances Well 

Allowing dust and grime to gather on any electrical appliance can potentially cause it to malfunction or even become a fire hazard. Make sure any major appliances that are drawing electricity are safe and clean to use. They shouldn’t be outdated as well, especially for the outlets or power strips they’re drawing power from, to keep your appliances operating efficiently. 

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