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Home Improvement  /  September 15, 2020

Timeless Exterior Paint Colors and How to Pick Them

Looking for the right color for your home? According to our team of experts, you can’t go wrong with certain timeless choices. Which colors are those, and which ones will work best for your home? Here’s the rundown to help you get started.

Pick Sage if You Have Greens

Go anywhere in the U.S., and you’re bound to find a sage-colored house exteriors. The color is easy on the eyes, and it works well with both modern and classic home designs. To make things even better, sage works best if your property has plenty of lush green trees and shrubs.

Try Tan for Versatility

Tan and khaki are considered neutral colors. They’re one of the safest options because they are vibrant enough to make your home look good without making it stick out like a sore thumb in most neighborhoods. Tan also works as a perfect “base” color so you can work with other colors for your window trims, roof and doors.

Light Grey for a Clean Look

Greys may seem dull at first glance, but experts say it’s an all-time favorite because of the way it gives a home that clean, sleek look. Whether you have dynamic shingle siding or smooth, uninterrupted stucco, light gray gives it a subdued look so it perfectly complements other, more vibrant highlights of your home.

Browns and Reds for Warmth

Shades of brown and red are perfect for those who want a home that says “this is a place of warmth and comfort”. While these colors are mostly associated with rustic or traditional designs, they also look great with contemporary homes if combined with the right textures.

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