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Electrical  /  August 3, 2020

3 Signs You Need to Schedule an Electrical Inspection

About 51,000 residential fires occur in the United States every year as a result of faulty wiring and other electrical problems. Even the most minor issues can put you and your family at risk. So, to better monitor your system and maintain safety in your household, calling a properly qualified electrician for an inspection is imperative. You have to schedule one immediately as soon as you notice any of these three signs:

1. Flickering Lights

Flickering lights may seem like a minor problem, but this occurrence is more likely to be caused by certain appliances attached to the same circuit. Larger appliances, when turned on, can pull about 100 or more amps from a circuit, causing lights to flicker and dim for a moment. A certified electrician can check whether there is damage to the wiring or if there’s an overloaded circuit.

2. Hot Switches or Receptacles

It is normal for a light switch or outlet to feel warm to the touch, but it becomes a cause for concern if there’s a sudden or gradual increase in heat. The same can be said for high-powered appliances – they shouldn’t generate excess heat at the outlet. An outlet that gets warm even when there’s nothing plugged could be a sign of a wiring problem and must be inspected by your electrician.

3. Strange Noises

It is not normal for an electrical circuit to produce a buzzing or a humming noise. Any of these sounds indicate faulty wiring, loose electrical connections or defective appliances. Schedule an electrical inspection as soon as possible if you consistently hear any of these odd noises coming from within your walls.

Handyman Connection® of Mason has certified electricians to handle all of your electrical repair and installation needs, from changing out switches to mounting ceiling fans. We’ll also inspect your home’s circuitry to check for any faulty fixtures, outlets and switches, and ensure every component is in working order.

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