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Drywall  /  July 14, 2020

The Usual Culprits Behind Bulging Drywall

Installation errors are the usual culprit behind bulging drywall. However, if the bulges are quite large, moisture that accumulated behind the panels is the most likely culprit.

Here’s an overview of the factors that can cause bulges in your drywall and their corresponding fixes:

Overdriven Fasteners and Screws 

If a contractor drives the fasteners or screws into a sheet of drywall too deep, they might damage the drywall’s interior core. And, if joint compound or drywall mud is applied to the damaged section of the drywall sheet, this section might start to swell, creating an unsightly bulge in your drywall.

To fix your drywall, a contractor will remove the overdriven screw and fastener, if possible. They’ll then remove damaged paper and gypsum around the old screw, and fill the holes with joint compound before driving in new screws.

Insufficient Fastening 

If, on the other hand, the screws or fasteners are too loose, or there aren’t enough of them, the drywall might start to pull away from the studs behind it, forming bulges in the area where two sheets of drywall meet. Tightening the screws or fasteners should fix the problem, but if the drywall panels have been bent or cracked, you might need to replace them.

Poor Finishing Work 

Poor finishing work usually creates bulges along the seams of your drywall. To get rid of the surface bulges, a contractor will sand the drywall until the bulk of the bulge is removed. Afterwards, they’ll use a straightedge to see if the problem has been fully fixed.

Plumbing Leaks 

Plumbing leaks might be to blame for large bulges in your drywall. If enough water accumulates behind the drywall, water stains might start to appear. In most cases, the entire drywall needs to be replaced. But before a contractor can install new drywall, you need to have a plumber find and fix the source of the leak first.

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