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Home Improvement  /  May 7, 2020

What Simple Fixes Can You Do With Caulk?

It’s always a good idea to have some extra caulk at home in case you need to perform minor repairs. You can use it for decorating your interior, outdoor maintenance and other projects.

Here are simple fixes you can do with caulk. 

Sealing Gaps on Your Siding

Concrete and mortar repair caulk is great for sealing cracks and gaps in concrete, brick, stucco, stone and metal. You can also use them for repairing tiny fissures in foundation and basement walls that can allow insects, rodents and other pets to get inside your home. Moreover, this type of caulk can be used in and outside your home. It has a textured finish that can be painted once it dries. 

Address Drafty Windows and Doors

Drafts can make your interior uncomfortable and your HVAC system work harder, increasing your energy costs. According to the Consumer Federation of America, sealing drafty windows and doors can cut down your carbon footprint. You can use acrylic latex or vinyl latex caulk for sealing your windows and doors. Acrylic latex is ideal for dry environments while vinyl latex is great for damp areas. 

Freshen Up Your Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

Tiles can last for decades when properly maintained, and one way you can retain its appearance is through regular caulking. Keep in mind that over time, small gaps can open up between tiles. Mold and mildew can grow in these spaces when exposed to moisture. For wet environments, you’d want to use 100% silicone caulk and siliconized acrylic caulk for a durable, watertight seal. 

Reattach Fallen Molding

One corner of your carpet can come up or tiles can come loose when a length of molding falls off. Fortunately, you can solve this problem with an all-purpose caulk. Just apply a little amount behind the material and stick back in place. 

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