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Aging in Place  /  April 14, 2020

Key Modifications to Help Your Parents Age in Place Safely

If your parents feel that they want to stay in their current home as they age, it might be high time to plan for modifications that will ensure a comfortable and safe environment for them. Of course, as people age, their needs evolve as well. It’s important to meet these changing needs, especially with regards to home living, so that your loved ones can enjoy their retirement years.

Here are some home improvement ideas to ensure your parents will age in place safely and comfortably.

Install Grab Bars and Railings

Grab bars are typically installed in the shower or near the toilet to help stabilize seniors as they move in these spaces. However, you can also opt to add grab bars in other rooms and a railing to the stairways to ensure safe navigation throughout the home.

Replace Cabinet and Door Handles

Traditional knobs are usually difficult for people with arthritis to grasp properly, and the twisting motion required to operate them can be challenging. Switch your door knobs to D handles as these can make it easier to open and close cabinets and doors.

Raise the Toilet Seats

An elevated toilet, paired with grab bars, can improve the safety and comfort of seniors. It can prevent accidents and falls in the bathroom, which commonly happen to older people.

Widen Doorways

Standard doorways are often too narrow for wheelchair users and walkers. That’s why the minimum door width is 32 inches, and 48 inches is considered the most ideal. Along with widening the doorway, it’s also a good opportunity to lower switches, such as those for lights, below the standard 48 inches. This will make it easier for wheelchair users to reach for the switches around the home.

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