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Home Improvement  /  March 5, 2020

How to Effectively Create Your Home Maintenance To-Do List

Nothing is more satisfying than scratching off an item from your home maintenance to-do list. While it looks daunting to create, a well-organized list can help you complete larger projects by breaking down certain tasks while managing your time and determining your priorities.

Today, Handyman Connection® of Butler Warren discusses the ways to create a home maintenance to-do list effectively.

Gather Everything in One Place

Your list should be in one spot, whether it is in a notebook or an app on your phone. No longer will you be dealing with tasks you’ve written on several pieces of sticky notes, reminders on your phone calendar or texts-to-self. If you’re planning to share your list with others, see to it that the format can be used and accessed by everyone.

Determine What Goes Into Your List

Walk around your home and take down notes of things that need to be fixed, repaired, decluttered or cleaned. Go all out on your list—don’t mind if each home maintenance task is big or small in scope or if you plan to do it soon or not. From there, start sorting your list. Consider items that you can do now and place them on a new list. Pick those you can do later and place them on another list. This is also the time to break down your bigger projects into smaller sequential tasks.

Manage Your List

At this point, you can now break your to-do list into manageable parts. There are two ways to go about this: by category or by priority.

  • Category – Assign your tasks into several categories, including handiwork, organization or interior design, in whatever order you choose.

  • Priority – Put your line items in these lists in a specific order: urgent and important; urgent, but not important; important, but not urgent; and not important and not urgent.

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