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Home Improvement  /  March 11, 2020

4 Most Common Causes of Flickering Lights

We often associate flickering lights with Halloween and scary movies. However, many of us have encountered this issue too many times. It may seem like it is a simple inconvenience or annoyance, but it may also be a sign of a much bigger problem. It might be time for you to investigate if this has been happening regularly.

Flickering lights, or lights dimming for a moment, happens because of a reduction or fluctuation in total household voltage. Understanding the causes behind it will help you know what to do to solve the problem. Here’s a look at four of them:

1. Large Current Draws

Flickering lights occur whenever larger appliances are turned on, causing a sudden and significant surge of power into your wiring. Call your electrician to inspect the wiring to ensure there isn’t a more serious issue.

2. Faulty Connections

A bad connection in a fixture’s on/off switch may also cause flickering. You can confirm this by wiggling the switch. If the light begins to dim as you do this, then it’s likely you have a bad switch. Switches can be challenging to replace, especially if they are integrated into the socket. In this case, you need the help of an electrician to fix the issue.

3. Loose Bulb

A light bulb that wasn’t securely installed in its socket may rattle and dim momentarily. Just screw the bulb tightly or change into a new one. This way, a solid connection gets reestablished, helping avoid any possible dips in electric current.

4. Dimmer Switch

The use of dimmer switches is one of the common sources of flickering in LED light bulbs. Most dimmers are made to handle higher electrical loads, so it’s best you buy a bulb that’s compatible with the dimmer switch. Alternatively, you can replace the dimmer switch with one designed for LED bulbs.

Handyman Connection® of Butler Warren provides electricians to handle all of your electrical repair and installation needs. If you have flickering lights, expect our pros to assess your circuitry, identify certain issues and recommend wiring repairs or replacements.

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