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Home Improvement  /  February 13, 2020

Top Tips for Maintaining Grout in Your Bathroom

A tiled bathroom is a quintessential feature that looks good no matter what – until the grout starts looking dirty. Grout maintenance is usually considered a lot of work, but here are some tips to make the task so much easier to bear.

Grout Cleaning

Practice a daily cleaning routine to keep your tiles clean and prevent premature staining and damage. It doesn’t have to be a thorough cleanup; simply wiping and spraying your tiles and glass with a mild shower cleaner after your bath or shower would make so much difference. Do this every day, and you’ll be able to prevent dirt buildup, reducing the amount of time you’d have to spend scrubbing your bathroom tiles.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you can forgo weekly deep cleaning. Remember that your daily cleaning efforts aren’t meant to be thorough so it’s still likely for body oils and soap scum to cling to your bathroom surfaces. For weekly grout cleaning, you might want to use baking soda paste and water as well as a grout brush or used toothbrush to ensure a more thorough clean.

Grout Stain Removal

Grout can sometimes become stained and grimy when regular cleaning is neglected. In this case, a daily shower cleaner or baking soda paste may no longer be enough to clean it up. For stubborn stains and grime, experts recommend using bleach. Apply it with a brush, let sit for 10 to 15 minutes, and rinse with clean water. If all else fails, call a professional to deal with these grout stains.


When dealing with grout damage or mold or mildew growth, regrouting is usually the recommended course of action. Cracked, peeling or missing grout should be replaced immediately so as to prevent damage to the wall or subfloor behind the tile. Meanwhile, growing mold or mildew can eventually compromise the integrity of your grout. It can also cause serious health risks for some individuals.

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