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Home Improvement  /  December 4, 2019

How to Inspect Your Plumbing from Top to Bottom

Like many other parts of your home, your plumbing needs fairly regular TLC. Pipes and other plumbing fixtures are subject to wear and tear, which is why regular inspection must be carried out to help you spot and address developing problems before they become hard to fix

Today’s article discusses ways to inspect your plumbing from top to bottom.

Bathroom and Kitchen

Your bathroom and kitchen plumbing gets a lot of use, so plumbing issues in these areas are not surprising. To perform a basic inspection, start by checking faucets for leaks. Replace any worn-out washers and cartridges to stop drips. Drains in sinks and tubs can clog occasionally, so make sure hair and other debris are removed before they cause issues. It also pays to do a periodic check on the caulking around your shower, tub and sink—while not strictly plumbing-related, this can keep any plumbing issues that do develop from causing more expensive problems.

Main Sewer Line

This is another key plumbing component that should also be inspected and maintained regularly by a professional. It’s a part of your home that’s seldom seen but can cause major headaches in the event of a problem. Regular inspections can prevent clogs and sewage backups from occurring, saving you the cost and inconvenience of cleanup and replacement.

Around Your Home

Other plumbing fixtures that deserve attention during your inspections are your water heater and outdoor faucets. Look for signs of water leaks from the pipes connected to your water heater. Check your outdoor spigots for wear and tear and any cracks that may result from freeze-thaw cycles. Finally, check your main pressure regulator to see if your home’s water pressure is at a safe level.

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