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Home Improvement  /  August 22, 2019

Why You Should Properly Dispose of Used Cooking Oil

You should never dump cooking oil down the drain, even if you still have a lot of excess oil and grease after cooking. Pouring used cooking oil down the drain can cause a lot of problems with your drainage system. Read on as Handyman Connection® of Mason explains more.



Why Dumping Used Cooking Oil Down the Drain Is Bad

Dumping used cooking oil down your kitchen sink can wreak a lot of havoc. It can get stuck and damage your drainage system and it can cause problems in your area’s sewers. When you pour oil down the drain, it gets dumped into the sewer and joins with the rest of the wastewater.

This wastewater has a lot of chemicals which causes a reaction with the used cooking oil. When the fatty acids in the cooking oil bond with calcium, they create a soapy and waxy compound. This compound makes fatty blobs that keep growing and growing as more people dump cooking oil down the drain. This fatty compound can also form in your kitchen’s pipes, damaging them.

The Proper Disposal Method

Instead of pouring used cooking oil down the drain, you should instead pour it into a sealable container that you can dispose of. Plastic bottles like the ones cooking oils are packaged in are a good choice. You can also use old plastic milk cartons, large glass jars and old coffee cans. The container just needs to be sealable. You might also be able to recycle the oil. VIsit your local recycling center and ask if they can convert used cooking oil into biofuel.

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