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Home Improvement  /  July 4, 2019

How to Organize Your Kitchen Like the Pros

Quite a few professional chefs film their shows in their own home kitchens, and it’s always a joy to see how organized these spaces are. Everything seems to be organized within reach, there always seems to be ample space and meals are prepared with ease. They may have benefitted from working with professional designers, but kitchen organization is possible for all of us. In this blog, Handyman Connection® of Mason shares a look at how to organize your kitchen like the pros.

The Four Categories

Kitchen activities can be divided into four categories: prep, cook, serve and store. Organizing your kitchen according to these categories helps you focus on the task at hand without moving all over the place.

  • Prep — Food preparation items should be within reach of the prep table. Save yourself the hassle of moving and removing the chopping board by keeping it in on the table permanently. Equipment such as knives, mixing bowls and mortar and pestle should be within reach of this area. If you can spare the space, food processors, blenders and mincers should also be within reach.

  • Cook — Cooking equipment such as pots, pans and skillets, as well as implements such as spatulas, strainers and cooking thermometers must be near the cooktop. A spice rack that also contains essentials such as salt and pepper should also be within reach.

  • Serve — Cabinets that contain dinner plates, bowls and drinking glasses should be in the same area as the utensils and service trays. Stove-to-table cookware can also be stored here if you have space in your cooking area.

  • Store — Everything that is used to store fresh produce, meat and leftovers should be stored in the same area.

Date and Label Everything You Buy

You should always have blue painter’s tape and a felt tip pen in the kitchen. It comes in handy when labeling meats, produce and anything else that you buy from the market. Don’t forget to include the date of purchase and cut of meat, which can help speed up kitchen prep time.

Organize Small Items Using Baskets and Clear Containers

Organize small items in the kitchen using baskets and clear containers and sort them according to purpose. Sort them front to back by how often you use them, with the least-used items located at the back. The best thing about these organizational tips is they work with any kitchen style and design.

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