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Home Improvement  /  April 22, 2019

DIY Home Improvements That Homeowners Regret

Most home improvement projects are harder than they look. While blogs and TV shows make them look easy, DIY projects often end up as expensive hassles.

A survey conducted by ImproveNet of 2,000 Americans showed that 1 in 3 of homeowners had to call a professional to redo their DIY project. In this post, your local home remodeling expert, Handyman Connection® of Mason shares some of the most regretted DIY upgrades by homeowners.

DIY Regrets

According to the study, on average homeowners thought that they could save around 60% if they do home improvements on their own. More than half of the participants hoped that they get more savings with DIY projects, 20% wanted to challenge themselves, 14% did it just for fun and 10% wanted to make sure that the job was done right.

Here are the top 10 DIY home improvement projects homeowners regret:

1. Installing floor tiles

2. Replacing ceiling

3. Refinish hardwood floor

4. Installing carpet

5. Finishing basement

6. Installing hardwood floor

7. Refinishing cabinetry

8. Installing sprinklers

9. Installing a shower or bath

10. Interior painting

The Truth About DIY Projects

YouTube is the top resource of people when it comes to DIY home upgrades, followed by home improvement websites, friend or family recommendations, store clerks, books or magazines and TV shows.

When they finally began their DIY project, 55% of the homeowners realized that their project took longer than estimated without professional help. Around half of the participants mentioned that it was more physically and technically challenging than expected.

Some said that it was more costly than they thought. Others either caused damage to their home or were injured while doing the upgrade.

They were not happy with the end result of their project according to 55% of the participants; 24% found it not functional, and 21% said that the upgrade didn’t last long.

Having a professional complete your home upgrades won’t only cause you less hassle but it will be worth it in the long run. You can be assured that your home isn’t harmed in the process and that the upgrades are properly installed. Choose Handyman Connection of Mason for your home improvement project. We offer carpentry, painting, electrical and plumbing services. Call us at (513) 733-3777 or complete our online request form for a free estimate.

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