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Home Improvement  /  February 15, 2019

3 Important Steps to Restore Small Patches of Rotted Wood

The sight of rotted wood is not a good one. Not only that, but such form of wood damage can be dangerous. When this happens, homeowners usually just replace the entire wooden section. This, however, won’t be possible if rot is present in only a small area.

In today’s post, Handyman Connection® of Mason discusses the steps to restoring small patches of rotted wood with the use of a polyester filler.

Securing the Needed Materials and Tools

In this project, you’d need a paintbrush and putty, as well as a rasp and sanding block. Don’t forget to include your utility knife and wood chisel. When using sandpaper, choose one that has a grit size of 100. Of course, wood hardener and polyester are your main materials. These will be helpful in repairing rotted wood. When carrying out the project, be sure to wear a protective mask.

Rot Removal and Coating

The first steps of the project include removing the rotted section of the wood using your sharp tool. Do so carefully, paying special attention to the water-damaged parts. Then, apply a uniform coat of wood hardener on the affected patches of wood. Let it settle for a few minutes. After which, mix the polyester and the wood filler. Once done, press the mixture to the recesses of the wood surface using your putty knife. Be sure to fill the gaps up to the level of the wood surface without rot.

Shaping and Smoothing

The whole mixture will begin to harden slightly and sag after you apply the polyester and wood filler mixture. Shape and smooth it into the wood surface with your putty knife. The mixture should replicate the other parts of the wood with no rot. When necessary, add another to the recesses, repeating the job while keeping it from becoming solid.

At about 10 to 15 minutes after application, the polyester and wood filler mix will begin to harden. Leave the treated wood component at room temperature to achieve the best results. Once satisfied with the outcome, use your sandpaper to smooth the whole material. You may choose to coat the patches with a primer before you paint the restored wood.

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