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Home Maintenance  /  November 12, 2018

4 Color Schemes for a More Attractive Living Room

The living room is a hub of activity, so it only makes sense that it should be as attractive and welcoming as possible. On top of the decoration and placement of your furniture, color scheme plays a key role in establishing the aesthetics and atmosphere of your main living space.

In this post, Handyman Connection® of Butler-Warren shares four color schemes for a more attractive living room.

1.    A Vibrant Aesthetic

Most living rooms have a neutral tone to them, and while it’s always a good choice, there’s no reason not to get more adventurous. Vibrant colors tend to be too loud for some, but this all depends on the colors that make them up.

As a general rule with vibrant color schemes, tri-coloration should have two bright and one neutral tone; the latter to complement and tone the otherwise striking colors. A good combination is a tangerine, cornflower and your choice of a white hue. Your chosen shade of white, be it ivory or dull white, will soften the otherwise overpowering effect of the two colors while still making your living room a brighter place to stay.

2.    Moroccan

Moroccan is the quintessential color scheme for Mediterranean homes, but it also finds a home in contemporary living rooms. The standard color combination is brick red, earthy brown and Kelly Green, although you have some freedom to choose what kind of brown you’ll be using.

There’s an ascending effect on how you pick the colors for your living room. The most neutral tone should be the base of the living room while the reds and greens will serve as the accents. A common way to go about this is by coloring the walls, floor and main furniture brown, while the ornaments, decor and pillows should have red and green colors.

3.    Warm Traditional

You can never go wrong with the Warm Traditional color scheme. It’s the standard way to color living rooms of traditional homes and have that stately but welcoming atmosphere that few can replicate. Warm, neutral tones are the best choices here and include staples such as Peachy Yellow, Oatmeal and Chartreuse.

As with the Moroccan color scheme, the darker and neutral colors should serve as the base of the living room while the lighter tones should serve as the accents and details.

4.    Inviting Modern

The Modern living room color scheme is characterized by cool and calm tones that are striking but muted. Standard colors include Gunmetal, Snowy White and Bluebird. Unlike others on this list, you have the option to choose which color will serve as the base for your living room.

Since the Inviting Modern color scheme is seen as a contrast to the Inviting Modern, it’s common for homeowners to switch things up a bit using lighter colors as the base while the darker colors serve as the accents.

At Handyman Connection of Butler-Warren, we’ll help you pick the best color scheme for your living room. Call us today at (513) 282-3032 to learn more about our services or fill out our online form to request a free estimate.

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