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Home Improvement  /  August 22, 2018

The 4 Most Common Types of Shower Doors

The choice of door for your shower is a small detail that most people completely forget about during a bath remodel. What most people don’t know is how important the type of shower door is in terms of utility and even looks. Each one among the many options to choose from may look the same, but each one may operate uniquely from the next.

In this post, Handyman Connection® of Butler Warren lists the four most common types of shower doors and how each one differs from the others.

1.    Pivot Shower Doors

Also known as the swing-out door, this is the quintessential shower door design and remains a top choice for standalone showers and baths with small to medium floor space. This is the best choice if the space is under 60 inches and is too small for a sliding door.

2.    Sliding Doors

These are the alternative to the standard pivot shower door. They slide open and take up less bath space as they don’t need to physically swing open to actually operate. This makes them a great choice for smaller bathrooms. 

That said, it’s important to know that while they don’t require floor space, the shower area needs to be fairly large to accommodate the sliding mechanism of the door itself.

3.    Bifold Shower Doors

This is a unique door that combines both the pivot and sliding door. When you slide it open, it folds in on itself and settles on the side of the shower. Since this design is more intricate than others, it’s also the most expensive. However, it’s the most eye-catching door and adds a unique flair to your bathroom.

4.    Round Shower Doors

This is a great alternative to the usual swing-out door and is one of the few styles that actually open inwards. It has a slightly restrictive design, but the door is the best fit for corner showers thanks to its rounded edge. It’s also one of the easier doors to clean since it lacks any sort of corner that you have to dig into.

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