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Home Maintenance  /  June 20, 2018

4 Useful Tips on Organizing a Cluttered Closet

We don’t always have enough time to organize our closet properly every morning. When you do get the time to work on your closet, it helps to start with careful planning so that you can keep it neat and tidy for a long time. In this post, our experts at Handyman Connection of Butler Warren share four organization tips to help you clean up your closet for good. 

1. Establish a Staging Area

We recommend you set a staging area where you can properly empty your closet. This can either be a cleared-out corner of the room, a chair or even your bed. Once you’ve decided on the staging area, simply remove everything from your closet – from the clothes and hangers, to folded blankets and the other things you have in there.

2. Categorize Your Clothing

We also recommend organizing your closet items according to specific categories. This is a great way to do inventory and separate what you don’t need from what you do. Isolate your indoor clothes from your outdoor ones, and which ones you’ve outgrown and you’d want to donate or give to a family member.

3. Eliminate the Unnecessary Items

You’ll be surprised just how much stuff ends up in your closet over the years – from toys to notebooks, and even old electronics. These are the biggest contributors to closet clutter and disorganization, so you’ll want to get rid of these. Relocate them to their proper places, and properly dispose of the ones you don’t need. You’ll be surprised just how much space your closet has when it’s free of all the clutter.

4. Clean the Closet

Before you put back your now-organized clothes, you should clean the closet. Dust bunnies, clothing tags and store receipts lying about your closet are unsightly, unhealthy and responsible for making it look even more disorganized.  To ensure that your clothes are stored properly and cleanly, wipe and vacuum the surfaces until they’re spotless.

Handyman Connection of Butler Warren is ready to assist you with your home improvement needs. We’ll help you properly organize your closet and clean up the clutter in your home. Call us today at (513) 282-3032 to learn more about our services, or fill out our online form to request a free estimate.

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