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Home Improvement  /  December 18, 2017

Tips for a Stress-Free Home Remodel

Home remodeling is an exciting project because it provides homeowners a chance to give their homes a makeover. Several factors like delays and lack of materials, however, can make it stressful. Keep your remodeling project stress-free with these expert tips from Handyman Connection of Butler Warren:

Stress-Free Home Remodel
Choose a Convenient Time

Most homeowners schedule their projects during warmer months because it means there will be fewer weather delays, leading to faster construction times. However, this may also mean contractors have full schedules. They might not be able to provide the best possible results because they have other jobs to do. Try to schedule your project at a more convenient time for contractors, like fall.

Leave the Permits to the Contractor

Before you can proceed with the construction, you may need several permits from local government offices. These involve booking appointments, following up on deadlines, and tasks that can be too taxing or just tedious for homeowners. Fortunately, with a professional contractor, you won’t have to do these yourself. Your chosen remodeler will handle the necessary approvals and permits to ensure the success of your project.

Set Benchmark Deadlines

The key to a low-stress remodel is staying on schedule. At the beginning of the project, create benchmarks to help you keep track of your progress. Common benchmarks include demolitions, electrical installations and inspections. How can this help? When your contractor misses one benchmark, they still have enough time to make up for it. When they miss two, however, it could start affecting your budget and timetable.

Avoid the usual stress and delays of home remodeling by working with a qualified professional like Handyman Connection of Butler Warren. We have a range of home improvement projects that can transform your home. Contact us today at (513) 282-3032 to learn more about our services. You can also request a free estimate.

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