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Home Improvement  /  November 30, 2017

Simple Ways to Make Your Rooms Appear Larger

Adding an extension to your home is a great way to increase your available living space. Unfortunately, this project is a major investment in time and money. There exists an alternative, however. Improving your home’s design and the ways you use your available space without adding any physical room is easy. Your home will feel larger and less cluttered. Handyman Connection of Butler Warren explains how:

Make Your Rooms Appear Larger

  • Remove Clutter – The most important and simplest thing to do is to remove all the unnecessary items in your home. By removing clutter and taking a minimalist approach to your decor, you can create a seamless and airy space. Get rid of barely-used items that make your room look too busy. Experiment and figure out a minimalist look that works for your home’s design.

  • Replace Large Furniture – We also suggest choosing more space-efficient furniture for your home. Smaller sofas, tables, and chairs will make your rooms look bigger than it actually is. They also make a room feel more spacious because people can move around more easily. In addition, consider replacing your heavy closed curtains with sleeker vertical blinds and shutters. The smaller blinds will also make the room feel lighter and breezier.

  • Use Larger Windows – Replacing your current windows with larger ones is one of the most effective ways to open up a room and make it feel larger. Big windows will let more sunlight into your room and provide excellent views of the outdoors. This creates an illusion of space that makes a room look and feel larger than it seems. If you need help replacing your windows, give us a call. Our handymen will be glad to assist you with this project.

We can help you make your home feel larger and more beautiful. Handyman Connection of Butler Warren is the leading home maintenance and home remodeling expert in our local area. We have many years of experience in home remodeling, painting, carpentry and more. We also offer our customers a satisfaction guarantee for their peace of mind. Contact us to learn more ways to visually increase your home’s square footage. You can also ask for a free estimate.

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