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Home Improvement  /  November 16, 2017

Dealing With Your Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn ceilings can make your rooms look unfashionable and old. Not to mention they’re difficult to clean and repair and attract a lot of dust. Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with them or remove them completely. Handyman Connection of Butler Warren, the home maintenance expert, explains these methods:

Popcorn Ceiling

  • Cover the Ceiling With Drywall – This is a good method if you suspect that your popcorn ceiling has lead paint or asbestos. First, you need to affix ceiling-grade gypsum board over the popcorn ceiling and then securely screw it into the framing. For a seamless result, you need to be skilled at taping and mudding. Compared with other methods, this approach leads to the smoothest possible finish.

  • Scrape the Popcorn Ceiling – If you’ve contacted experts and they are sure that your popcorn ceiling has no asbestos or lead paint, try this approach. You need to use a four-inch drywall or utility knife to chip away at the popcorn ceiling, creating a smooth surface. To deal with any imperfections, skim the area with a thin layer of joint compound, sand it smooth, and then repaint the ceiling.

  • Skim Coat With Plaster – If you want to maintain the historical appearance of your home but don’t want a popcorn ceiling, this method is for you. It involves cleaning and preparing the existing substrate with quick-set drywall mud. Next, apply a bonding agent like joint compound and then use a knife or a trowel to apply a finish compound, creating a new texture for your ceiling.

Removing your popcorn ceilings can make the interior of your home look less dated. However, for best results, we recommend painting the rest of the room. Fortunately, Handyman Connection of Butler Warren is the top painting company in our local area. We have many years of experience and we provide a satisfaction guarantee for our work. Contact us to learn more ways to deal with popcorn ceilings. You can also ask for a free estimate.


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