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Home Improvement  /  October 17, 2017

Simple Ways To Brighten Up Dark Rooms

Not every home is blessed with ample amounts of natural light, but luckily, creative decorating tricks can easily lighten up a dark room. This instantly makes the room more appealing and welcoming. If adding windows or making structural changes isn’t an option, you can try these design tips from Handyman Connection of Butler Warren:

dark room

Paint The Ceiling White

Dark ceilings can loom above your room and make it feel smaller than it actually is. Brighten the space immediately by giving your ceiling a fresh coat of white paint. If you have a monochromatic-themed interior, this can also create a sense of continuity, making the room look and feel bigger. Heavy wooden beams in your interior look dramatic but they can also darken a room. Paint them in a bright white shade, however, and they’ll blend in easily with the rest of the room.

Limit Dark Shades For Accents

Color is an excellent design tool and a way to showcase your personality through your home. That said, too many dark hues can make your room feel closed in. If your room looks too dark, limit saturated colors to accents or a single focal wall. Highlight these features by painting the other walls with light and bright shades.

Diffuse Lighting

Having a well-lit room doesn’t always mean having numerous lighting fixtures. With the proper lighting and decoration, your walls and ceilings can act as reflectors that can maximize the light in a room. Strategically place light fixtures so that they can shine on these surfaces and improve the ambient light in the room.

If you’re unsure of what reflective items to buy, you can start with a mirror. Place one or two in a dark room to reflect light effectively. Choose large mirrors with slim frames to bring in light without being clunky and intrusive.

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