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Home Improvement  /  August 16, 2017

Tips on Properly Reviving a Weathered Deck

A newly constructed deck brings immense joy and satisfaction to a homeowner. This outdoor sanctuary is perfect for summer barbecues, romantic dinners, and outdoor spas. Over time, however, the colors fade, the wood turns gray, and mildew may even manifest on its surface. The good thing is, restoring your deck’s beauty can be done over one weekend. Handyman Connection of Butler Warren shows you how:

Weathered Deck

Repair First

When reviving your deck, it’s important not to focus on its appearance alone. This means ensuring that its structure is in excellent shape as well. Start with a thorough inspection of the entire deck, making sure to examine parts in direct contact with the dirt. The moisture in the soil induces rot, so test the condition of these areas by driving a screwdriver in them. If you can sink it in easily, then you need to replace them first. Tighten the fasteners that attach your deck to your house, take note of missing or damaged flashing, and look for dark stains that indicate water damage.

Thoroughly Clean

On the other hand, if you’ve been maintaining your deck properly and there is no major damage, you can easily renew it with a deck cleaner. Be careful when using the cleaner and make sure to wear protective eyewear and gloves to shield yourself from the harsh chemicals. Using a brush, go over your deck once and let the solution sink into its wood fibers. For more intense cleaning, keep the boards damp and let the deck cleaner do the work.

Finish with a Stain

When your deck is completely repaired and dry, coat it with a protective finish. This helps preserve its appearance and boost its protection. Painting your deck is an excellent alternative, however, the paint forms a film that can peel or chip.

For new wood, we recommend clear finishes and stains. These allow the natural beauty of the wood to show. If you have a slightly older deck, then a semi-transparent stain is ideal. The light pigment lends a clean and fresh color to your deck and allows new parts to seamlessly blend in. While the first layer is still wet, apply the stain in subsequent coats to help the wood absorb it better.

Restoring your deck is easy with the proper tools and cleaning solutions. For faster, more flawless results, you can turn to our expert team at Handyman Connection of Butler Warren. Contact us today at (513) 733-3777 for quality home improvement services. You can also get a free estimate.

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