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Home Improvement  /  August 2, 2017

Repair or Replace Windows: Which is Right for You?

Are your windows old and damaged? Maybe your energy bills are rising and you notice drafts coming in from the windows. When this happens, is it really time to invest in a replacement or would a repair be enough to restore its efficiency? Handyman Connection of Butler Warren, your expert handyman, shares the most common window problems and their ideal solution:


Rotting Wood

Rotting frames, sashes, and dividers are not only unsightly but they also invite water and air leaks into your home. Wood usually deteriorates when it’s primed incorrectly, insufficiently seasoned, or constantly exposed to a wet and humid environment. It’s best to repair rotting wood if the damage is spotty, otherwise, a replacement will be necessary. Be sure to inspect these properly, because they often look worse than they actually are.

Broken Panes

Window panes with cracks, scratches or chips look like they need an immediate replacement. That said, most vintage, aluminum-clad, or multi-pane custom windows are expensive to replace, so it’s better to repair them. Just be sure to hire a professional for repairs, to ensure flawless results. For inexpensive windows like vinyl, you can replace them to improve their efficiency and beauty.

Broken Seals

Broken seals, evident from the foggy condensation and streaks between your double-paned windows, are usually caused by heat-induced contractions. Once the seal is broken, it’s difficult to save the pane. Replacing the pane or the entire sash is the most practical and permanent solution.

Cranky Windows

Maybe it’s nearing the end of its service life or dirt and grit has accumulated in its track and balances, regardless of the reason, cranky windows are a pain to live with. In this situation, replacing the damaged parts is a better solution. If replacement parts of old windows are hard to find, however, then you should repair.

Drafty Windows

Drafty windows cause an uncomfortable home environment and expensive energy bills. To avoid these problems, you can either replace your windows with more energy-efficient units or seal all the leaks in them. The two factors you should consider when making a decision are the extent of damage to your windows and your budget. If the problem can be fixed with a simple repair, then you won’t have to spend more for a replacement.

If you’re still unsure of whether you need a repair or replacement, you can consult our experts at Handyman Connection of Butler Warren. We’ll readily offer you our inspection and provide the necessary solutions. Contact us today at (513) 733-3777 to learn more about our services. You can also request a free estimate.

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