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Home Maintenance  /  June 6, 2017

How to Pick the Right Whole House Generator For Your Home

A whole house generator is a great investment to make as it will keep your home’s appliances running even if your electric provider experiences an outage. There are two types of generators to choose from –  automatic and manual. Both operate a bit differently so it’s important to choose the right one. Handyman Connection of Butler Warren discusses how to pick the right whole house generator for your home.

House Generator

Manual Switch

As its name suggests, this generator requires you to manually switch on the generator so you need to be present for it to work. It’s more affordable than the automatic variant though and is acceptable if at least one person in the household is at home. The downside of this generator is, again, that it is reliant on you or your household’s presence, so we don’t advise getting this if you plan to travel a lot or spend more time away from home.

Automatic Switch

Automatic whole house generators have a higher price tag, but the benefit of choosing this is that it automatically switches on when the power goes out. This is the choice for many businesses as well, particularly those that carry perishable goods. If your neighborhood experiences a lot of outages, this is the smarter choice.

Air Cooled or Liquid Cooled?

Air cooled switches only provide up to 20 kilowatts of electricity, but this is often enough to power most small households. For larger homes, liquid cooled units are better since they can provide a minimum of 150 kilowatts.

Does the Size Matter?

Transfer switches come in three sizes – 50 amps, 100 amps, and 200 amps. Your choice ultimately depends on what your breaker panel tells you. The price also differs so set your budget to a maximum of $500. If you’re not sure, let our team know. We can determine how much your household needs and suggest the appropriate-sized transfer switch.

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