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Home Improvement  /  April 10, 2017

Smart and Simple Tips to Reduce Your Energy Bills

The right energy-saving upgrades can slash your energy costs and keep you comfortable throughout the year. Sealing the cracks and gaps around your home is not complicated and can make a big difference in your home’s energy efficiency. Handyman Connection of Butler Warren talks about some smart ways to cut your home’s energy bills:

Energy Bills

  • Keep Your Doors and Windows Locked – This simple tip can make a difference in your energy bill. When you lock your doors and windows, they will press tight against the weatherstripping. This will prevent cold air from entering your home and hot air from escaping.
  • Replace Old and Worn Weatherstripping – Torn weatherstripping around your windows and doors help create drafts. This makes it harder for your utility systems to maintain your desired temperature. It also makes your home uncomfortable. To avoid this, inspect your weatherstripping regularly and replace it when it shows signs of wear.
  • Prevent Warm Air From Escaping Your Chimney – Warm indoor air can escape through your fireplace when you are not using it. Fortunately, you can prevent this with an inflatable chimney balloon. Simply blow up the balloon and stick it in the chimney. It will automatically deflate when you start a fire.
  • Insulate Your Attic Access Door – Even if your attic is well insulated, warm air can still escape through the attic hatch. In addition, if your attic door won’t lie flat, then air can leak into your attic. Prevent this by using adhesive to attach fiberglass batt insulation to the attic side of your door. Then use a latch bolt system to close the door tight and make sure that it lies flat.

Upgrading your home can also greatly improve its energy efficiency. Energy-efficient replacement windows can prevent the outside weather from affecting your home’s interior temperature. Handyman Connection of Butler Warren can help you with your window replacement and other home improvement tasks. We are an expert in carpentry, painting, maintenance, plumbing, storage, and remodeling. Contact us to learn more energy-saving tips. You can also request a free estimate.

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