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Home Improvement  /  February 3, 2016

Winter Chores to Do Indoors

It can be tempting to spend all winter hibernating, waiting out the cold to get anything productive done around the house. This can lead to an errand logjam come spring cleaning time. If you keep up on a few simple tasks over the winter, spring cleaning will be a refreshing whirlwind instead of the impossible bog of backlogged chores it could otherwise become.

Besides, winter is when most families spend the most time indoors. It’s also when the air quality is often the worst. Doesn’t it make sense to take some simple steps that will allow you to spend that time in a clean home, breathing easily?

Here are 5 tips to help you rid yourself of the unease of background dust and clutter:

  1. Clean under, behind, and inside appliances.

    These spots are often overlooked during regular chores. Some appliances, such as microwaves and refrigerators, are safer and more efficient when they have breathing room on several sides. Dust and fallen objects that block ventilation can cost you on your electric bill and lead to your appliances’ working too hard and going kaput before their time.

    Take a minute to clean the inside of your oven, freezer and refrigerator, and throw out anything past its prime. Lastly, if an appliance is making strange sounds or isn’t working as well as it used to, now may be the time for a replacement.

  2. Clean ceilings and adjust ceiling fans.

    Look up! The fan that keeps you cool during the summer can also circulate warm air throughout your home in winter months. Most fans are angled so that when they spin counterclockwise (looking up at the blades to determine direction), they blow cool air downward. Because hot air rises, the warmest air in the room hugs the ceiling.

    Find the reverse switch on the fan’s base. Switch the rotation to clockwise and it will circulate the warm air throughout the room without causing a draft. Make sure to dust the fan blades while you’re at it! When the weather warms up, remember to switch the direction and direct the breeze downward.

    If your fan doesn’t have this feature or has stopped working altogether, that’s bad news, but here’s some good news: We can replace it for you!

  3. Wash and inspect doors, windows, and cupboards.

    Now is a good time to take a washcloth to oft-neglected nooks and crannies. You can also take the opportunity to inspect for damage. You may have developed a blind spot around that doorknob-shaped hole in the drywall, but your guests haven’t.

    While your blinders are off, assess whether it’s time to update your counters, cupboard space, or other storage areas. If the job list grows too daunting, don’t worry: That’s where we come in! Let’s divide and conquer.

  4. Wash pillows, curtains, blankets and throw rugs.

    Admit it: They’ve been sitting a long time with no attention. This is also a good time to remember to flip and rotate your mattresses to extend their lifespans.

  5. Touch up the paint.

    Peeling or otherwise marred paint is unsightly, but we tend to put it on the “Honey Do Later” list. Hopefully you have the paint color in storage for touch-up jobs. If not, pick some up at a home improvement store and take a little time to make the inside of your home a lot more attractive.

    If a job gets bigger than you anticipated, just give us a call and we’ll finish it up for you.

Need Help With Winter Chores & Remodeling?

By getting the jump on cleaning, you’ll avoid the exhausting prospect of doing it all at once. And as a bonus, your months spent indoors waiting out the cold will be all the more cozy and comfortable.

When it comes to the bigger jobs such as remodeling, plumbing, carpentry work, or installing shelving for books and other storage, doing it yourself can be time-consuming and often won’t even save you much money. That’s why we’re here for you! Check out the modeling services in our portfolio and get one of our proficient craftsmen on the job. We promise you’ll be satisfied.

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