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Plumbing  /  March 10, 2022

Kelowna Plumbing Services: Signs You Need A New Mixer Valve

Signs you need a new mixer

Have you ever wondered why you get hot water when you turn the hot-water faucet and cold water when you turn the cold water faucet? A thermostatic mixer valve is a component of your plumbing system that controls the mix of hot and cold water. This isn’t just a convenience; it is also a safety feature that prevents you from getting scalded by extremely hot water. Therefore, if your mixer valve isn’t working, it is a potentially dangerous situation that requires professional plumbing services in Kelowna to correct.

The signs that you need a new mixing valve aren’t exactly subtle. Even if you don’t know the exact cause, you can probably tell that something is wrong. You don’t have to determine the cause of the issue yourself because a trained plumber knows how to diagnose the problem and then correct it. A faulty mixer valve may result in the following plumbing issues.

1. No Hot Water

You turn on the water in your shower expecting heat and steam, so you are shocked to find that only cold water is coming out. Besides the mixer valve, there are other possible causes of this problem, such as a faulty water heater or an issue with the water supply. However, these are less likely. Usually, the mixer valve is the culprit behind the issue. If there is a good thing about the mixer valve causing you to have no hot water, it is that you are likely to notice the problem right away. It is difficult to ignore.

2. Inconsistent Hot Water

The only thing more annoying than having no hot water at all is having the temperature of the water fluctuate unexpectedly between hot and cold. This problem is more likely to result from an older mixing valve. If you have a vintage home, its plumbing system may not contain contemporary features. An older mixer valve can break down due to age. As a result, its ability to control the water correctly may fail, causing the fluctuations you are noticing.

If you are currently experiencing problems such as inconsistent hot water, you should consult a plumber right away. However, if you have an older home, you might want to think about calling plumbing services in Kelowna about options for newer model mixer valves even if you are not currently having problems. Chances are that you may start experiencing issues with the current, outdated mixer valve before too long.

3. Low Water Pressure

In addition to breaking down over time, your mixing valve is also vulnerable to becoming corroded or clogged. When the water cannot move efficiently through the valve, it can result in a decrease in water pressure. The stream of water coming from your shower may not feel as strong and powerful as it usually does, and increasing the hot water supply may not have any effect.

It may be possible to correct this problem by simply clearing out the clog after removing the mixer valve and then putting it back once it is clear. This may be a good short-term fix in an emergency situation, but you should think about having the mixer valve replaced completely. In the first place, if you do not know what you are doing, you may not put the valve back correctly, which could result in even bigger problems. In the second place, if the valve is corroded, it may get clogged repeatedly, meaning that you have to go through the whole process over and over again.

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Because there are several possible causes of plumbing issues such as these, it is much more efficient and cost-effective to hire one of our skilled professionals to diagnose the problem rather than trying to fix it yourself.

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