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Plumbing  /  January 19, 2022

Common Problems With Your Drain System In Kelowna

Common Problems With Your Drain System In Kelowna

As with many household systems in your home, you probably do not think much about your drains until there is a problem with them. Much of the drain’s structure is hidden away underground, making it easy to take for granted. However, if you notice the drains becoming slow and sluggish, or a foul smell coming from them, these are signs of a problem that may be serious and require professional plumbing services in Kelowna to resolve. Here are some of the most common causes of drain system problems.

1. Blockages

When water goes down one of your drains, it often takes some other materials with it, such as hair, fat or grease, or other debris, such as coffee grounds. The extent to which your drainage system can handle materials such as these varies depending on factors such as the age of the system and the nature of the material itself.

While a blockage of your drain can sometimes happen quickly and be instantly noticeable, it more frequently happens that the material collects over time. Because the early signs of a blockage are more subtle, you may not notice them until the drain slows down severely or stops entirely. The problem is due to years of accumulation that built up so gradually that you didn’t notice it until it became a problem. There are do-it-yourself methods of clearing drains, but for these to be most effective, you have to know what is clogging them, which can be difficult to tell. Even if you do know what is causing the blockage, the effectiveness of DIY solutions may still be limited.

2. Sections of Pipe That Are Broken or Collapsed

The sewer lines that carry wastewater away from your house are buried underground. If something happens that causes them to break or collapse, you may not realize it right away. The wastewater may drain away as usual but is unable to make it into the sewer system. Instead, it gets diverted into surrounding areas. Depending on how close to the house the breakdown is, you may experience weakened ground structure that causes a sinkhole to form or mould and damp spots forming on walls or floors. Pests such as rodents and flies require water to live and are not put off if it is contaminated with waste. If anything, it may make the water more appealing to them. If the wastewater is not leaving your property the way it is supposed to, you may find that it attracts an infestation of pests such as these.

3. Intrusions by Roots

The responsibility of a tree’s roots is to transport water and nutrients to the rest of the plant. The roots are able to grow over long distances and penetrate deeply to reach sources of what the plant needs to survive. Sewer pipes are rich with not only water but also nutrients that help fertilize the tree. Tree roots are capable of exploiting even the smallest opening or imperfection in the pipe to get inside. Sometimes this means punching a hole right through the pipe material, but more often, the roots make their way in through an existing joint along the sewer line. The roots start out small so that they can fit into tiny spaces. Over time, they grow larger, to the point that they can fill up the entire space inside the pipe. As this happens, you may notice wastewater seepage around your property or bad smells coming from your drain. Root intrusion can also lead indirectly to blockages because solid matter like toilet paper can get stuck.

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