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Electrical  /  November 10, 2022

Kelowna Electrician: 5 Signs of an Electrical Problem in the Home

Signs You Have an Electrical Problem in Your Kelowna Home

Electrical problems require professional attention. Homeowners should always contact an electrician in Kelowna if they suspect something is awry with their system.

Electrical problems range from harmless to hazardous. Even a seemingly minor problem may pose a serious threat to a property owner and their family.

Electricians warn of five signs of hidden electrical issues. If a homeowner experiences any of these or similar issues, they should contact a licensed professional immediately. DIY methods are not suitable solutions for electrical problems.

1. Hot Outlets

Outlets should never get hot. While appliances or other devices might create excess heat during operation, the outlet should remain cool. If the outlet heats up, homeowners should immediately unplug all devices. They should not use the outlet until they can determine the cause of the heat, which usually requires the expert aid of a licensed electrician.

Homeowners should treat switch cover plates the same unless paired with a dimmer switch. Dimmer switches work by dissipating excess energy. The dissipation can affect the temperature of the plate. Even with a dimmer switch, the plate’s temperature should remain relatively stable and never reach a point where it is too hot to touch.

2. Flickering Lights

Nope, it’s not grandma’s ghost or some other distant relative. Flickering lights usually stem from loose wiring along a circuit. The problem is likely localized if the flickering only occurs in one room or with one fixture. Localized issues are usually easy to fix.

Unfortunately, the problem is further down the connection if the flickering occurs across several fixtures or in several rooms. While a homeowner might handle a minor localized issue, it is best to hire a professional for more significant problems.

The problem likely stems from the primary utility connection or the breaker box if the entire house flickers. Regardless of the specific location of the issue, homeowners should contact a licensed electrician to find and resolve it.

3. Burning Smell

The smell of burning material is never good. If the wiring in a home’s electrical system is hot enough to melt the sheathing, producing a burnt odour, it indicates an imminent risk of fire. Homeowners should immediately call local electrical repair services.

The professionals will troubleshoot the house to determine the precise location of the problem. Heat issues can stem from a single outlet or lead back to the breaker panel.

4. Loose Outlets

Older houses are prone to loose outlets. If someone plugs something into an outlet and notices the insides are loose, they should correct the problem immediately.

Loose outlets eventually result in free wires, which can cause sparks, shorts, and fires. While many severe problems can stem from loose outlets, they are relatively easy to fix. Still, for homeowners inexperienced with electrical work, it is best to leave repairs to the professionals.

5. Rodents

Many electrical issues stem from normal wear and tear, but others result from outside influences. Mice and rats are common culprits behind the electrical problem in the house.

Rodents have a constant need to chew. The animals’ teeth never stop growing, so if they do not chew and file them down, they will grow through their skulls.

Wiring is a prime target of rats and mice. The problem is rodents are exceptional hiders, so homeowners may not realize they have a problem until other issues arise, like flickering lights.

If a rodent problem caused the electrical problem, a property owner would probably need to address the animal control issue first. Depending on the severity of the problem, the two services might work simultaneously.

Electrical system issues require professional attention. Contact Handyman Connection and schedule a service call with a licensed and experienced electrician.

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