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Painting  /  January 17, 2023

3 Trending Colours To Paint Your Kelowna Kitchen in 2023

Trending colours to paint your kitchen

Are you planning a kitchen renovation for 2023? Many people plan home projects for early in the year, and an interior space such as the kitchen is a good place to start because it is not so dependent on good weather. Even if you are not planning a full renovation, a painter in Kelowna can add new life to your kitchen by refreshing the colour.

There are trends in home décor and interior design just as there are in fashion. When it comes to choosing a new colour for your kitchen, the trick is to choose something trendy that won’t feel passe in a few years. Here are some examples of currently trendy kitchen colours that experts believe have staying power.

1. Yellow

Yellow is a classic kitchen colour that has recently gained a new appreciation. It is easy to see why; the kitchen is the room in the house where families tend to gather most often, and yellow is a colour that evokes cheerfulness. Regardless of the actual temperature of the room, a yellow kitchen seems to feel warmer. In a northern city like Kelowna, daylight hours decrease during the winter. This means that the two meals your family usually takes together, breakfast and dinner, happen in the dark. A yellow kitchen helps to simulate the sunshine, which can help to elevate mood either before or after a long, challenging weekday. Yellow works as either the main colour for the kitchen or an accent. It makes a nice complement to cooler colours, such as blue and green, because of yellow’s warmth. A yellow-and-green kitchen can evoke a peaceful meadow, while a yellow-and-blue kitchen is reminiscent of a sunny day at the beach.

2. Black

If the idea of a kitchen covered with black walls is alarming to you, remember: The walls are not the only place in the kitchen where you can use colour. An all-black kitchen would be a little intense, but there are other ways to use it as an accent. For example, the thought of a brand-new, black kitchen island could have you turning to the phone saying, “I need a handyman near me to install it!” When used as an accent, black gives the kitchen a sleek, modern appearance without appearing too gloomy or intimidating. Another good place to use black as a kitchen accent is on the lower cabinets. For a dramatic contrast, pair these with white top cabinets. A black-and-white kitchen makes a bold statement while still seeming friendly and welcoming.

3. Earth Tones

There is some disagreement on the definition of earth tones. Most people agree that they are neutral shades occurring in nature that include at least some brown. These encompass a wide range of different hues. For example, a sandy beige may evoke the beach, while darker browns may suggest a forest, especially if accented with green. Red-tinged earth tones can bring a hint of the Maritime provinces into your Kelowna kitchen. Terracotta is a type of clay used for centuries to make earthenware home goods, so using it in the kitchen helps to evoke simpler times when life seems to become increasingly complicated. This is a shade that is almost always mentioned during any discussion of earth tones used in interior design.

As with yellow, earth tones can bring some warmth into your kitchen while also making it feel more grounded. There can be some overlap between earth tones and yellows, so don’t be surprised if, when you search for the former, you see suggestions such as harvest gold or goldenrod. These may pair with more traditional earth tones in attractive ways.

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