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We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it. We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it.

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Handyman Repairs in Valley Ridge, Alberta

Whether you plan to move to a new Calgary neighbourhood or make the choice to see what life in Canada is all about after living in another country, then a move to Valley Ridge makes for a fine choice. This city, located in the northwest section of Calgary, features a variety of conveniences for growing families.

Valley Ridge boasts public transit systems, parks, a large community golf course and a multitude of houses for sale, making it a popular place for families ready to purchase their first new home. When it comes to finding a handyman in Valley Ridge to assist you with repairs and home improvement projects, we at Handyman Connection want to assist you with beautifying and upgrading your new space and walking you through all the useful services we offer

Expand Your Storage Space 

Do you wish your new home came with extra storage space? From seasonal decor and toys to linens and blankets, finding space to store all these items properly so they do not collect dust or become damaged can present quite a challenge. Our handymen can provide you with a variety of storage space solutions, including: 

  • Additional shelving 
  • Garage cupboards and cabinets 
  • Expanding closet space in any room 
  • Custom storage for electronics/entertainment 

If you have young children, we can customize our garage storage space options with locking drawers and high shelving to keep dangerous products, such as antifreeze, out of reach. 

Flooring Options 

New flooring can change the look of your new home or upgrade certain rooms. For example, if you are expecting a new baby soon, looking to us for a handyman in Valley Ridge for fresh, new carpeting in a renovated guest room can make the space both inviting and comfortable.

If you enjoy the look of hardwood floors, our handymen can install or replace existing, worn flooring to give your space a whole new look. We also offer other flooring materials including tile and laminate options. No matter your budget or style, we can offer you a flooring choice that suits both. 

We Can Replace Old or Damaged Flooring 

If your new home’s flooring includes defects or damage from a previous owner, contacting us for home renovations in Valley Ridge can provide you with professional and prompt repair services. We can fix cracked or broken floor tiles, those with worn patterns and old or worn grout as well.

Maintaining your floors’ grout in any room may give tiles a longer life, as when it wears thin, it can increase the risk of cracked edges on the tiling. If you are unsure of where to begin with a flooring plan, our handymen can advise you regarding what type of flooring suits the room in question and how to plan for the furniture you will place there. 

Deck Repair and Installation

Creating an outdoor space for your Valley Ridge home can help bring your family together, entertain guests during the warm summer months or give you a place to relax when the weekend arrives. When you contact us, we can send out a handyman in West Calgary who has experience with building, adding and renovating decks to give you peace of mind that your outdoor dream space becomes a reality. Not only can our handymen help you plan a deck from scratch, but we also ensure that any construction is performed to code and to meet local laws. 

Safety Projects 

If you have an elderly parent or a child with special physical needs, then you might already understand the challenges of keeping your home safe for them. Preventing trips, slips and falls that might harm them means adding built-in safety equipment to your new Valley Ridge home, including: 

  • Grab bars 
  • Low-threshold shower stalls 
  • Stairlifts 

Our handymen can inspect your home and, with your guidance and depending on your loved one’s needs, install these items and advise you about what other safety items you can include. We can also maintain any item you choose. 

Retire Safely and Maintain Your Independence 

Peaceful neighbourhoods and friendly faces make the northwest section of Calgary a popular place for retirees, and if you plan to upgrade your home with items that can help you maintain your independence, Handyman Connection can help. From built-in items that assist with balance to no-slip floors that may reduce the risk of serious falls, our service people can recommend the safety tools you need that can support your physical independence so you can fully enjoy the retirement phase of your life.

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Are you looking for a handyman in Valley Ridge to update or repair your home? Contact us today by phone, text or email to discuss which of our handyman services you require. No matter the reason you decided to call Valley Ridge your home, handyman Connection wants to help you turn your house into a stylish, safe and comfortable home. 

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