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Plumbing  /  April 20, 2022

Signs You Need a New Drain System in Calgary

Signs you need a new drain system

The plumbing system in a house works hard every day to take wastewater out of the home and somewhere that it can be safely processed. Most people do not think about their plumbing system until something begins to go wrong with it. Knowing the early signs that your drains are blocked or malfunctioning and that you may need plumbing services in Calgary can help prevent a plumbing disaster that is even messier and costlier to repair. Here are a few signs that your plumbing system might need some work.

You Have Used a Plunger to No Avail

First, make sure that you use the correct type and size plunger. Some plungers are more appropriate for toilets, while others work best for showers and sinks. For example, cup plungers, easily recognized by their simple rubber cup and wooden handle, are best for showers, sinks, and other drains with flat surfaces. Flange plungers, which have more rings around their cups, are better for unclogging toilets.

Some tricks for attempting to plunge a shower or sink include placing a wet towel over the drain to increase suction. When it comes to plunging toilets, if the water level is high, let the water level in the toilet bowl decrease before attempting to unclog. You still want some water in the bowl before plunging, but not too much. Push and pull on the plunger for around 20 seconds, making quick thrusts without breaking the seal of the plunger.

If you have the correct plunger and plunging technique and your drains are still clogged, it might be time to call a plumber to inspect the problem further.

Liquid Chemicals No Longer Work

Next to plunging, using chemicals to unclog drains is one of the most common household fixes for clogged drains. However, if you find that these products no longer work, it could signify a more serious problem. Often, pipes with a lot of debris built up on their insides are unresponsive to household chemical solutions. In these cases, it is best to get an experienced professional to take your pipes apart and get the gunk out once and for all.

You Have No Success With Drain Snakes

Drain snakes are slender, drill-shaped tools that may be used to fix clogs that are unresponsive to a plunger. Some different types of drain snakes include the small drum auger, toilet auger, and extra-long drain auger. One common mistake people make when trying to use a drain snake is not cleaning the device since it was last used. If the clog is still not going away after you have used different types of drain snakes and made sure that your drain snake is in good working condition, it could mean that your clog is too severe to get rid of with standard household tools.

Your Drain Begins To Smell

If you have a drain that is not working well and begins to emit a foul odour, it might be time to enlist outside assistance. This is because a stinky drain usually means that there is something in your pipes causing the odour, and the culprit could range from a build-up of bacteria to mould growth. Working with these substances can be unpleasant at best and dangerous at worst, so it is essential that someone who knows what they are doing deals with these problems.

You Are Getting Frustrated

Becoming frustrated with a clogged drain is a good enough reason to hire someone else to help. Trying to fix a clog yourself may not be worth the stress and potential of damaging the drain further.

If any of these factors apply to you or your house, give the experienced plumbers at Handyman Connection a call. We can fix a wide variety of drain problems safely and effectively.

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