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Plumbing  /  January 25, 2022

Calgary Plumbing Repairs: Is it Time for A New Shower?

Is it Time for A New Shower_

A shower should be a relaxing experience, but if it is in need of maintenance, problems can arise that make it exasperating instead. It may be that your shower has outlived its usefulness. If this is the case, plumbing services in Calgary can install a new one for you. Here are some signs that you are in need of a permanent shower replacement.

1. Sudden Water Temperature Changes

Sudden changes in the temperature of the water while you are taking a shower can be annoying at best. Most often, this involves a sudden drop in water temperature, so that your hot shower suddenly turns ice cold.

This can happen due to problems with certain components of the shower itself. For example, it can be difficult for shower valves to maintain a constant hot water flow as they age. If another source in the house is trying to use hot water, it can compound the problem.

Another possible culprit behind sudden changes in water temperature during your shower is the hot water heater. In either case, plumbing services in Calgary can diagnose the problem and suggest options for fixing it.

2. Mould or Sediment Buildup

Mould is a type of fungus that thrives in moist areas like your bathroom. Exposure to mould can cause allergic reactions, breathing problems, rashes, and other health problems. If you notice spots on your pipes, valves, or showerhead that are spongy in consistency and black or green in colour, it is probably mould growth. You can limit your exposure by having the affected components replaced by plumbing services in Calgary.

Sediment is a collective term for dissolved minerals generally present in tap water. Tap water goes through extensive testing and treatment to be sure that it is safe for consumption, so the sediment does not pose a risk to the health of you or your family. However, the sediment is sometimes deposited in the pipes or on the shower head as the water flows through them. It can collect in the pipes or on the showerhead in the form of calcium or lime. Sufficient buildup can clog up the openings through which water flows, decreasing water pressure or blocking the water altogether. Replacing the shower allows the water to flow freely once again.

3. Noticeable Leaks

Over time, plumbing fixtures such as showerheads can become unhinged. Fittings or bolts may become loose. Deteriorations such as these happen to plumbing fixtures with age. As a result, you may notice water leaking out where it is not supposed to go.

The buildup of sediment is another possible reason for leaks in the shower. If the openings in the showerhead are blocked completely, the water needs somewhere else to go, and the deteriorating components may not be able to hold it back. Even if the showerhead is only partly blocked with sediment buildup, it can redirect the water to go in an unexpected direction.

In addition to being annoying, a leaky shower can cost you significantly in your utility bills. It is bad for the environment because the water that is leaked goes to waste. It can also contribute to other problems, such as mould growth. A leaky shower may also attract pests such as rodents and cockroaches to your property.

4. Water Pressure Fluctuations

Water pressure fluctuations can occur due to sediment buildup and the deterioration of the shower components. Whatever the cause, fluctuations can cause the flow of the water to slow to a crawl. Conversely, the water pressure may increase to dangerous levels, causing components of the shower to break off.

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