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We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it. We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it.

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Electrical  /  June 29, 2022

3 Benefits of Outdoor Lighting for Your Calgary Home

Benefits of outdoor lighting

If you’re worried that transforming your home’s appearance is going to require major, and costly, structural work, you’ll be surprised to learn that updating your outdoor lighting may be all it takes to give your abode the facelift it needs. A well-designed lighting plan is a smart and easy way to turn your house into a dramatic showpiece while making it safer and more secure.

Whether you need electrical repair services to refurbish your old, damaged fixtures, or you’re looking for a total lighting makeover, Handyman Connection is here to provide you with the help you require. We’ll connect you with an electrician in Calgary who’ll deliver results you’ll love. Read on for just some of the benefits of updating your exterior illumination.

Improve Safety and Security

From slip-and-fall accidents to break-ins, dangers lurk in the darkness. Adding appropriate lighting to the outside of your home makes your driveway, walkways, porch, and patio safer to navigate after sundown. Help your family and guests avoid hazards like tree roots, loose pavement, and pooled water by improving illumination in trouble spots.

A well-lit home also provides security through crime deterrence. While no measures are foolproof, many burglars bypass homes that offer fewer dark hiding spots and tripped motion-sensing lights alert you or your neighbours to unexpected activity. Timer lights are also effective at creating the illusion that someone is at home, making your house less likely to be targeted by thieves who prefer stealing from unoccupied residences.

Upgrade Aesthetics

Adding illumination to your home’s exterior is a great way to shine a spotlight on its most attractive features. From charming walkway posts that welcome party guests to ground spotlights that dramatically shine their beams upward through swaying tree branches, well-placed lighting provides a warm welcome to all.

Your backyard’s good looks are also easy to enhance with gorgeous lighting. Good illumination on and around your patio and pool deck makes guests more comfortable when you’re entertaining. Lanterns and string lights are particularly good choices for brightening the space while setting a cozy mood. Keeping your pool well-lit is not only smart for safety, but it also adds drama and beauty to what’s already one of your home’s best features.

Increase Home Value

In addition to making your house more attractive, exterior lighting positively impacts its value. By calling attention to the most appealing aspects of your home, it makes the highest-ticket items look their best. For instance, while almost any pool is considered an asset, one that is stunningly lit to look like a resort-level oasis is even more valuable.

Strategic lighting also brings beautiful landscaping into focus, showing your lush and well-maintained foliage to its greatest advantage. With properly placed ground, wall, and overhead fixtures, your exterior illumination may even make your home feel larger, giving potential buyers the sense that they’re getting more house for their dollar. Because upgrading your lighting is less expensive than most renovation work, it provides more bang for your buck when it comes to increasing your home’s value.

Let Handyman Connection Light the Way

From making your home safer and more secure to increasing its good looks and value, revamping your home’s outdoor illumination has many exciting benefits. That makes right now the perfect time to contact Handyman Connection to find a Calgary electrician who’ll shine a light on the beauty and safety of your home.

For repairs, renovations, or remodels at your house or business, look no further than the experts at Handyman Connection. We pride ourselves on connecting you with professionals who provide amazing customer service and top-quality results. Request an estimate today, and then start planning your lighting makeover with a local electrician you can trust!

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