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Uncategorized  /  March 11, 2022

Meet The Smart Plumbing Products Of 2022

It’s difficult to keep track of everything that goes on in your home, whether you live with a roommate or have three children, a dog, and a partner. 

Smart home products can assist you in keeping track of and managing the things that are most important to you.

When it comes to your home’s plumbing, the most important things are to avoid drips and leaks, save water, and have more control over where your water runs.

With these smart plumbing products, you can protect your home from leaks while also conserving water. 

Most of these systems need to be connected with a security system such as those provided by, who helped us with some of the ideas in this article.

So, let’s get started: 

The Best Smart Plumbing Products Of 2022

Smart plumbing products can always come in handy if you use them the right way. They can help you learn easy plumbing skills so that you don’t have to call a plumber every time you see a leaky pipe.

Let’s find out the best smart plumbing gadgets of this year:

1: Smart Faucet

The new smart faucet could be your ultimate plumbing solution, and even if the price varies from $199-$399, it’s worth it. 

You’ll get on-and-off voice controls, presets for certain spaghetti pots, leak detection, a water use meter, and both touchless and manual faucet controls if you invest in one.

It comes with a one-touch activation, making it easy for you to turn on the water even if you can just press one of your elbows on the unit.

2: Smart Pipes

For the past seven years, I’ve been repairing house leaks all by myself, and I’ve heard far too many pitches for linked, tech-enabled house improvements to remember them all. 

Nonetheless, the clever plumbing pitches have always resonated with me. 

Maybe it’s because I’ve experienced the agony of waking up to a flooded flat due to a broken pipe, but I think adding some level of intelligence to the fixtures that keep the water flowing through our pipes makes much sense. 

3: Touchless toilet

A touchless toilet will probably be the end of all your plumbing problems

Although there is still a physical flush handle, you can get it to flush itself by waving your hand near the built-in motion sensor, and it also has a built-in night light.

Maybe it’s unnecessary, but I’d use it in my toilet. I just wish it wasn’t so pricey — a toilet with self-flushing capabilities will set you back at least $600. 

4: Smart Water Detector

While the system’s shutdown valve can detect the telltale variations in water pressure associated with a leak, it cannot pinpoint where the leak is actually coming from.

The Smart Water Detector comes with a 3.5-inch puck to be installed in the basement, under the sink, behind the washing machine, or wherever else a leak can occur. 

It will send an alarm to your smartphone if it detects water or cold temperatures. If you have that aforementioned shutoff system, it can turn your water off automatically before things get out of hand.

5: Smart Shower Head

Okay, so a smart tub isn’t the most ingenious smart plumbing pitch I’ve ever heard, but how about a smarter shower head? 

Sure, there are plenty of other waterproofed Bluetooth speakers for less than $229 or $169 if you don’t want the Alexa voice commands, but as far as built-in, premium enhancements go.

The smart showerhead will control the water flow accordingly, ensuring it never puts too much pressure on the pipes.

6: Smart Purification System

The new smart purification system looks like a white PC you’d put under your kitchen sink, but it’s actually a smart water purification system. 

hen you attach it to your pipes, the Wi-Fi-connected device will filter out contaminants such as lead, mercury, bacteria, and viruses while also keeping an eye out for leaks. 

Connect it to your pipes, and it will use Phyn Smart Water Assistant technology to check for leaks in each individual fixture in your home. It will notify you if anything is wrong.

7: Smart Leak Detectors

Since leaking pipes can occur at any time, you’ll need a smart plumbing system to prevent costly water damage. Whether it’s a massive leak or a small drip behind the wall, leak detectors give you control over your water system with detailed water usage metrics and real-time leak warnings.

Get a pulse on your water with the smart leak detector, which collects data on home water usage and sends out alerts when something unusual happens, such as a running toilet or a leak. 

Without cutting the pipe, you can effortlessly strap it to your main water line. First, however, you’ll need a skilled plumber to directly install the gadget into the waterline.

8: Smart Bath Control

It’s all well and good to have high-tech toilets, but what about the tub? 

The digital thermostatic valve, or DTV, is ideal for this. Install the $825 valve in your bathroom and you’ll be able to start or schedule a bath remotely, with temperature control to match. 

Why not pay a little more for the dumb, manual controls on the smart water system you installed to replace the old, dumb manual controls? Give this gadget a fair shot and bid goodbye to your plumbing issues.

9: Smart Recycling System

While you can collect rainwater the old-fashioned way by placing containers in your sink or shower to catch the surplus water, rainwater recycling systems are easier and more efficient. 

Some rainwater solutions even let you use your smartphone to regulate how the rainwater is used.

Rainwater recycling is particularly beneficial in states where water conservation is a top priority, such as California and Arizona. Check your local rules before purchasing a rainwater recycling system, as some municipalities have restrictions on how you can use it in your house.

Bid Plumbing Problems Goodbye!!!

Once you understand how these plumbing gadgets work, we are sure you will be interested in investing in more than one of them. 

Some are pricey, but some can easily fit into your budget.

Of course if you need help installing any of these, we will be happy to give you an estimate.

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