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Storage  /  September 19, 2023

Scarborough Handyman: 16 Creative Ways To Add More Storage in Small Spaces

Scarborough Handyman_ Creative Ways to Add More Storage into Small Spaces

Home prices and mortgage rates are going up and people are doing more with less space in their homes to compensate. While not everyone has joined the tiny house movement, the average homebuyer is purchasing less square footage and friends and family are choosing to share spaces more often. 

Learning how to maximize the usefulness of the space they have has become a priority for many. If you’re on the hunt for some creative space-saving solutions, look no further. From under-the-stairs storage ideas in Scarborough to better use of verticle space, here are 16 ways that you can live large in a small home.

Under the Stairs Storage Ideas in Scarborough Homes

The average set of stairs is 3 feet wide and 10 feet long. That’s 30 square feet of floor space just waiting to be used. You’ll need the services of a skilled handyman in Scarborough for this, but the results will be worth the investment.

1. Tuck a small chair and table under there and create a reading nook.

2. Hang some shelves and add a desk for an out-of-the-way office.

3. Install a built-in storage bench with baskets below and sturdy hooks above and use it as a mudroom.

4. Have custom doors made and turn the entire 10-foot expanse into shelving units, hanging closets or even a pantry.

5. Add a guest bathroom in your home. Under the stairs is the perfect size for a small sink and a commode.

6. Create a laundry room. There’s enough room to install a washer and dryer and still have space to store your detergent, dryer sheets and other laundry necessities.

Unused Verticle Space

If you live in a small home, chances are you have already used every inch of floor space possible. What you may not have used to its full potential is verticle space. Here are a few ways to take advantage of those vast expanses.

7. Install hanging shelves high up in any room. It’s the perfect way to store decorative items or things that you don’t use every day.

8. Install a wall-mounted pots and pans rack in the kitchen. It makes these large items easily accessible and frees up much-needed room in the cabinets for other things.

9. Install open shelving in the kitchen to store and display your dishware and glassware. 

10. Put shelves in the unused space above the bathroom toilet. Use it for towels, baskets of toiletries or rolls of toilet paper.

11. Use windowsills for shelf space. Display books in the living room or potted herbs in the kitchen

12. Use over-the-door hanging shoe cubbies in the closet.

Multipurpose and Transformational Furniture

When space is at a minimum, furniture pieces that serve more than one purpose can make the difference between a cluttered and cramped space and an organized one. You may need one of the best storage services like Handyman Connection to help with these projects.

13. Storage beds can turn the unused space beneath your mattress into a dresser, freeing up precious floor space for other things.

14. Murphy beds fold away completely during the day. They are wonderful options for tiny homes where whole rooms need to serve more than one purpose.

15. An office or craft armoire can provide storage for supplies and a foldout desk or work table that you can tuck neatly away when you’ve finished your project. 

16. Storage poufs provide necessary seating as well as hidden storage for games, books, remotes and many other small items.

Find a Craftsmen for Under the Stairs Storage Ideas in Scarborough

While some space-saving ideas are perfect projects for DIY, few homeowners can complete large projects like under-the-stairs storage ideas in Scarborough alone. Handyman Connection of Scarborough is a team of skilled and experienced craftsmen who are ready to help. Contact Handyman Connection today for an estimate of your next home project.

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