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Storage  /  December 29, 2021

Maximize Storage Space in Your Scarborough Office

tips for maximizing storage space

As workers return to offices in droves, one of the significant challenges is reorganizing to an office atmosphere from the home offices of recent days past. Many people are used to having their workspaces take over an entire kitchen table for the last couple of years and aren’t sure how to transform that pile back into a well-managed desk. Handyman Connection can help design and install storage solutions in Scarborough to help you and your employees get back on track.

The Rules of Storage Space

Some offices already have storage space that might or might not be practical for workers and the tasks they set out to accomplish. As you work to create storage solutions for a well-organized office, be prepared to reimagine how your office looks and feels.

Maximize, Maximize, Maximize

The first storage space rule is to use as much space as possible without making people feel cramped. Add storage shelves on wall space, and use bins in addition to drawers and cabinets. Choose more than one type of storage to meet different needs. Consider installation of ceiling shelves and cubbies that exist under desks for additional, unexpected storage. Use every bit of space that you have to create more storage options for you and your employees.

Build Up

The second storage space rule is to stop using the ground floor to do all the heavy lifting for storage solutions. Let the walls take some of the load. You can even work with the designers at Handyman Connection to install floating shelves installed at the ceiling if that would be a more practical approach for your office. Keep walkways clear and uncluttered with storage solutions that are sleek and streamlined rather than bulky and clunky.

Keep Doors Closed

If you have open shelving in your offices, such as bookshelves or open hutches overhead desks, go ahead and do every single person in your officer a favour and get doors on those immediately. Sometimes, even the best organizational guru has a tough day where they have just to put up their work and pick it back up tomorrow. Just like for home renovations in Scarborough, Handyman Connection can add privacy with storage solutions.

Providing employees with a door to conceal their work and personal items is a matter of respect and an olive branch of goodwill. You will undoubtedly gain bonus points with your employees if you include a lock on any doored cabinet or drawer and provide them with a fitted key to keep their belongings secure.

Include Organizational Features

When cabinets open, consider including pinboards to keep ideas or memos in the forefront of minds. You can also have whiteboards installed for messages or reminders. Many overhead hutches include small hooks to hang keys or badges inside rather than having them hang on employees’ necks while they sit at their desks.

Instead of having all cabinets, switch up the storage method and include drawers too—files are more easily organized and accessed in a filing drawer than in a doored cabinet. Though many offices have moved to primarily digital filing, some hard copies remain filed.

Individualize Storage Needs

Before you’re talked into buying a one size fits all matching office storage set for everyone, consider asking employees which kinds of storage would best benefit them and the tasks that they work to complete daily. You can preselect options that are a good fit for your budget and design before giving employees choices. Then, let them choose which solutions would best meet their needs.

For more information on creating innovative storage solutions for new or existing offices in Scarborough, contact Handyman Connection today for professional service and excellent customer support.

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