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Tile  /  December 30, 2022

Flooring in Pasadena – 6 Flooring Patterns to Consider in Pasadena

flooring in Pasadena

Flooring in Pasadena – December 30, 2022 – It seems like a simple decision when it comes to flooring. You think you just need to choose the materials. But you can actually choose from a variety of different flooring patterns, which can have a significant impact on the space. A Pasadena licensed contractor at The Handyman Connection of Pasadena can install your flooring in in Pasadena in your pattern of choice. Reading on, you can learn all about some of the popular flooring patterns you can consider for your next Pasadena remodeling project.

1. Straight Floor Pattern

This is a flooring pattern that you typically see with wood plank floors. This type of flooring has the planks parallel to each other in lines that are straight. This is a great option for rooms that you want to look bigger, open floor plans, or rooms that are rectangular shaped. If you use this straight pattern along a longer wall, this can make your space look bigger. The planks in this pattern are staggered to enhance the beauty of the wood.

2. Herringbone Floor Pattern

Herringbone flooring patterns are becoming a more popular choice in recent years. The planks in this pattern are installed at 90-degree angles, where the planks overlap. It can create a great deal of visual appeal in the space. This pattern can be installed parallel to your wall or diagonally. Not only is this pattern one of the most stylish options, but it also is among the most durable designs you can get. This pattern works best in larger spaces.

3. Diagonal Flooring Pattern

The planks for this flooring pattern are installed at a 45-degree angle from the wall, though the exact angle you use can depend on what you want for your space. This type of flooring pattern is best used in smaller spaces as this has a great way for you to make a space look larger. This is also a good option if you are looking to use dark color wood in the space.

4. Parquet Flooring Pattern

With this flooring pattern, smaller pieces of wood are combined to look like tiles. These can be created making a basketweave design or with geometric designs. This can be among the most visually appealing flooring patterns that you can choose from, but just keep in mind that this one of the most labor-intensive patterns that you can choose. This means that it is an expensive option to choose for your space.

5. Chevron Flooring Pattern

Chevron patterns are very similar to herringbone option, where the planks are installed at a 90-degree angle. The key difference between these options is that while the herringbone patterns overlap each other at the joint, the chevron planks are connected at the joint to create a “V”. The chevron patterned floors are visually stunning and create a feeling of high-end luxury within the space.

6. Grid Flooring Pattern

With this pattern, the flooring is aligned perfectly to look like the flooring looks stacked or like a grid. There are a variety of different patterns within this one category, which is great for people who want to have a look of modern and clean lines within the space. The grid look can feature either vertical or horizontal rows of flooring.


You could stick with the traditional options for flooring patterns, or you could go with something more unique. At The Handyman Connection of Pasadena, we understand that people want to have spaces that are as unique as they are. Choosing a flooring pattern that may not be the standard choice can be one way to increase the visual appeal of your space and make it stand out as uniquely you. If you want new flooring in your space, contact us today.

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